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Michel van der Aa has founded Disquiet Media, a new multimedia label that embraces unfurling technologies in a wide spectrum of the arts. Based in Amsterdam, it focuses on compositions and music theatre works that are firmly rooted in twenty-first century life.

Combining staging, film images and soundtracks, composer and director Van der Aa pushes the boundaries of all his media. Drawing on a unique, layered vocabulary, his music has an expressive power and range that place him firmly in the vanguard of new music.

The catalogue will initially centre around Van der Aa’s work. Later it will include other artists who, like Van der Aa, are keen to explore the exciting possibilities offered by new media and interactive techniques. The first releases will feature renowned ensembles and orchestras including the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, Netherlands Radio Chamber Orchestra, Asko| Schönberg and soloists such as Christianne Stotijn, Claron McFadden, Barbara Hannigan and Sol Gabetta. Cutting-edge interactive performance broadcasts are set to follow in spring 2011.

The Disquiet Media catalogue is released in various media. Visit the disquietmedia.net webshop to purchase CDs, DVDs and high quality downloads, and enjoy free streaming of the entire catalogue. CDs and DVDs are also available at retail outlets worldwide, while external sites such as iTunes, Amazon and eMusic offer digital downloads.

The label’s first two CDs include Spaces of Blank, Imprint, Mask and the Here trilogy.

Download the Disquiet Flyer (PDF)

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