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July 2006

Michel van der Aa wins Paul Hindemith Prize 2006

Hindemith Price

Michel van der Aa has been awarded the 2006 Paul Hindemith Prize. The Hindemith Prize, worth 20,000 euros, was awarded during a gala concert on 28 July 2006 at Reinbek Castle, near Hamburg. The programme, performed by Maaike Aarts (violin), Benjamin Kobler (piano) and Clare Gallagher (sound technique), included Van der Aa’s Just Before and Memo.

The Paul Hindemith Prize, one of the most prestigious international prizes for composers of new music, has been awarded annually since 1990 by the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival with financial support from the Hindemith Foundation and the Rudolf and Erika Koch Foundation, Walter and Käthe Busche Foundation and Gerhard Trede Foundation.


Michel van der Aa (Netherlands, 1970) is a truly multidisciplinary figure in contemporary music. A unique voice, he combines composition with film and stage direction, and script writing. Classical instruments, voices, electronic sound, actors, theatre and video are all seamless extensions of his musical vocabulary.

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